2024 LE0.8ton mini digger with 3 buckets +swing boom+mechanical thumb

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Introducing the 2024 LE0.8T Mini Excavator/Digger, a compact dynamo that seamlessly blends potent performance with a compact footprint, alongside a host of features designed to deliver exceptional control and efficiency. With its CE-marked 11.7HP KOOP-192 diesel engine and swing boom , navigating and working within confined spaces becomes a breeze. The dig-to-blade and dozer float capabilities ensure effortless cleanup, while the inclusion of multiple valves and rubber tracks guarantees precise control without causing damage to surfaces. This mini excavator is the ultimate solution for your excavation requirements.

Key Features:
- Includes: 1 roof, 1 toolbox, 2toothed bucket (380mm200mm ) and 1 loading bucket 600mm
- swing boom

-mechanical thumb 
- Weight: 720kg
- Height: 1250mm
- Width: 730mm

-folding canopy 

Optional extras are available in our accessories section. (Please note: Retractable track option not available for this model.)

Whether you're in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, this small, micro digger is an ideal choice for landscaping, farming, and all construction tasks demanding access to tight doorways, alleyways, and narrow pathways. Discover enhanced versatility with the 2023 LE0.8T Mini Excavator, bringing unparalleled performance to your fingertips.