2024 LE1.0t Mini Digger with Kubota engine 3 buckets swing boom+ expanding tracks+quick hitch+mechanical thumb.

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Introducing the 2024 LE1.0 Mini Micro Digger/Excavator,Kubota  a dynamic and efficient 1-ton powerhouse engineered to transform your excavation tasks. This cutting-edge equipment seamlessly marries agility and robust performance, boasting advanced attributes that streamline your operations. Equipped with precision controls, expanded digging depth, and an eco-friendly kunits diesel engine with 10.8kw, the Mini Digger is the ultimate answer for tackling projects within confined spaces without sacrificing power or efficacy. Whether you're a construction professional or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this mini digger provides unparalleled adaptability and ease, making it an indispensable asset in your equipment arsenal.

Key Specifications:
- Load capacity: 1 ton
- Includes: Roof, 3 bucket (200mm 380mm500mm), 1 toolbox
- Engine:Kubota 
- Dimensions: 940mm (W) x 2170mm (L) x 2200mm (H)
- Features: Swing boom and retractable tracks 
- Operating weight: 1000kg
- Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.03m³
- Power: 10.8kw
- Max. digging radius: 2900mm
- Max. excavation depth: 1650mm
- Max. excavation height: 2500mm
- Max. unloading height: 1850mm
- Hydraulic pump equipped
- Overall size: 2170mm x 940mm x 2200mm
- Working device: Backhoe
- Wheelbase: 420mm
- Track ground length: 125mm
- Platform ground clearance: 1385mm
- Chassis width: 940mm
- Track width: 180mm
- Full vehicle height: 2200mm

quick hitch and mechanical thumb 

Elevate your excavation game with the 2023 LE1.0 Kubota Mini Micro Digger/Excavator — a compact marvel that defines efficiency and versatility in the world of digging equipment.